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Birthday Party Ideas

We have lots of ideas for your next birthday party.

Planning a party that is fun, engaging and memorable can be challenging.  We can help you with all the details from themes to cupcake decorating.  Take a look at some of the art ideas below and we will give you a call to work out the details.  We've shared a sample of creative art projects as well as a few specific birthday party themes.

Themes for younger kids

These are just some ideas of successful parties in the past.  The images are just samples to get your creative thoughts flowing.  Or just leave it to us. 


Animal Artistry

Dragons, unicorns, monkeys, giraffes, peacocks, dinosaurs, if it’s an animal, you can draw it, paint it, sculpt it, build it!

Space Adventure

Planets, starships, space suits, asteroids, beam us up to space art at the Studio!


Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus Oh My!

Princesses, Wizards, Elves, Fairies

Imagination and whimsy come together when the theme is magical.

birthday ideasUnder the Sea

Fish, sharks, octopi, starfish, bubbles and seaweed... as Sebastian the Crab says “life can be better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea!”
birthday art -super heros

Super Heroes

Batman, Superman, Ninja Turtles, Transformers – who are your favorite superheroes? We’ll bring them to life.  Make super hero capes, claws and talons, and masks!

birthday ideasDreamcatchers 

Large and small with wood or wire bases with feathered, beaded, and woven adornments.

birthday ideasPuppets

Create a puppet and put on a show! 

fairy garden

Fairy Garden

Friends can create their own magical Fairy Garden with paint, clay, and found objects.

birthday ideas

Artful Architects

Who doesn’t like to build something beautiful. We’ve built ocean scenes, forest scenes, Halloween and pet shop scenes. Invite kids to a building party and they will come!

Trains, Planes, Cars & Truck

If it vroooms, chugs, digs, or bulldozes, it fascinates kids of a certain age. How about art that celebrates that obsession!


Boston sports fans are hardcore and artwork that honors the games they love to watch and play makes a welcome adornment to any child’s room. Let the games begin.

Themes for older kids

These are just some ideas of successful parties in the past.  The images are just samples to get your creative thoughts flowing.  Or just leave it to us. 



We’ve made pillows, signs, paintings, sculptures – the EMOJI comes to life.  Express yourselves!

birthday friendship art

Friendship Art

Co-created works of art where each guest leaves with something created by all their friends at the party. A lifetime keepsake!

peace sign

Feelin’ Groovy

Bright colors, peace symbols, string art, boho fashion, happy faces – if it’s 60’s, it’s in vogue!

birthday party craft ideas

DIY Projects of all kinds

Mirrors, frames, organizer magnetic boards, magnets, signs, clothes, accessories, jewelry, trinket dishes, beautiful paper flowers, hand painted mugs, collage and decoupage, trash to treasures, bedroom art, fabric art and more.  

paintingDrawing and Painting

All mediums and mixed mediums with their choice of subjects.  The Studio is packed with creative tools to delight the older child and their friends.

birthday ideas

Bedroom Crafts

Mirrors, frames,magnet board, organizers: anything to arrange or display your favorite things!

Need more ideas?


Pinch pots, sculpey clay characters, magnets, and jewelry.

Drawing and Cartooning

Animals, animation (and anime), or realistic portraits.

Paper Art

Origami, pop-up cards, rolled paper frame and paper beads, rubber stamping.


Duct tape wallets, bracelets, flower pens, vase, wreath--you name it!


Dioramas or landscape scenes of your choosing: woodland homes, doll houses, carnival grounds, winter wonderlands, beach scenes.

Sand Art

In bottles, on boards, and even in jewelry!

Fabric Art

Cool headbands, tie-dye or stencil a t-shirt, make an emoji or animal pillow, or a stuffed animal!


Create a colorful mosaic that can be beautiful and functional.

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